# Install

Restart your computer

If transfers don't seem to work after installation, try restarting your machine. This can reset the connection system that handles layer transfer.

# Sketch

Requirements: Sketch 52+

  • Double click AEUX.sketchplugin
  • Sketch will open and tell you the plugin is installed
  • Navigate to the Plugins menu up top
  • Click to open the panel

# After Effects

Requirements: CC2019+

  • Download ZXP Installer from aescripts + aeplugins
  • Drag AEUX.zxp into ZXP Installer
  • Close and re-open After Effects
  • Navigate to the top Window menu, Extension>AEUX
  • Click to open the panel

Manual install

If you follow all the Ae instructions and AEUX still isn't showing up in the AE Window>Extensions menu, do a manual install. You didn't do anything wrong, it just happens sometimes wth extensions.

  • Change the extension of the AEUX.zxp file to .zip. It might give you a dialog warning about changing the file type but ignore it.
  • Unzip this file to get a folder called AEUX
  • Navigate to the Adobe extensions folder:
    • Mac: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/
    • Win: C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CEP/extensions/
  • Copy this AEUX folder to the /extensions/ folder
  • Restart Ae and look for AEUX in the Window>Extensions folder

# Figma

# For Googlers

  • Install in Figma
  • Right-click within a Figma file and navigate to Plugins > AEUX
  • Click to open the panel

# For non-Googlers

Requirements: Figma desktop

The plugin is not yet published on figma.com/plugins so the installation process is a little more involved right now.

  1. Copy the contents of the download zip AEUX_0.8.2/Figma/ to a location that is not your downloads folder (if you delete these files after installing through the Development menu, it will break the plugin)
  1. Right-click the canvas Plugins > Development > Import plugin from manifest…
  1. Navigate to the file AEUX_0.8.2/Figma/manifest.json
  1. This panel will close and AEUX will now be available by:
  • CMD+/ or Ctrl+/ to open the Quick Actions menu and start typeing AEUX, or
  • Right-clicking Plugins > Development > AEUX